Road Trip! pt1

So this summer I actually have things planned to do! Like what is life?? I actually have friends to do things with. So I thought I would run up a summer itinerary in case someone wants to know what I’m doing.

May 20: Ellie Goulding concert at the AMP: This is probably the most exciting thing that I’m doing this summer. Two friends and I bought tickets like four months ago and have been freaking out ever since. I love the drive up to Fayetteville, and I actually enjoy driving, so I’m the chauffeur for this trip. This is going to be the first concert where I haven’t gone with a huge group of people, so we’re all excited for it.

Third week of July: Same group of people going to the Ellie Goulding concert +3 (hopefully) are going to go camping. Yes, camping. Without a camper. In tents…it’ll be intense!

All Summer: Every week me and two other friends are going to try and hike to 15 different waterfalls across the state, which I’m probably the most excited for!



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